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Who Knew Dirt Was so Good For You?

Did you know that the organic material found in soil is beneficial to your health? Humic and fulvic acids that occur naturally in peat humus, brown coals, leaves, and shale are rich in essential minerals that feed the plants we eat. Equally important is what they do for human health.

There are nine (9) basic functions that we utilize from fulvic compounds.

  1. First is the production of energy. The mitochondria, which are the energy generators inside your cells need polysaccharides, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen for fuel. ShopFreeMart Living Minerals is abundantly rich in all four.
  2. The second function of fulvic acid is delivering nutrients to your cells. In addition to having 70 plus minerals and other nutrients that your body needs for healing and replacing worn out cells, the fulvic complex has 60 receptor sites that quickly bond to all nutrients and deliver them to even the remotest cells in your body.
  3. Thirdly, fulvic acid is the most powerful detoxifier that we know about. When fulvic acid delivers nutrients into a cell it also picks up waste material or garbage from that cell and removes it from the body.
  4. Number four, fulvic acid is recognized as the world's most powerful chelator. Toxic metals and chemicals, multiply the production of harmful free radicals by up to one million times. Fulvic acid converts heavy metals, poisons and toxins into safe, organic mineral solutions and compounds. Fulvic acid removes unwanted calcium deposits that can block veins and arteries and cause painful conditions like arthritis.
  5. The fifth function of fulvic acid is to increase cellular voltage. The molecular oxygen from Living Minerals, when added to your system, increases the voltage of your cells. This is important because your body cannot heal and cells cannot replicate when cellular voltage is low. And when cellular voltage drops to a certain level, the light goes out and your cells simply die.
  6. The sixth function provided by fulvic acid found in Living Minerals is for enhancement of beneficial microbes. There is a growing awareness of our need for beneficial microbes. It is a good practice to regularly consume beneficial microbes like those found Living Minerals.

    Depending on which textbooks you study, there are anywhere from ten to a hundred times more microbes in our bodies than there are cells and those microbes are dependent on the internal environment of our body. Our terrain determines whether those microbes are going to be helpful and rebuild our genetics, our DNA and our tissues and also produce the enzymes that build up our bodies and repair them or whether they are going to cause our bodies to fall apart and deteriorate.

    So, fulvic acid creates the proper environment to grow oxygen breathing aerobic microbes that do so much of the healing in your body.
  7. The seventh reason for taking Living Minerals daily is for enhancement of all of the enzymatic functions in your body. Fulvic acid acts as a catalyst for all of the different enzymes in our body. When you consider that it takes 85 enzymatic actions for your heart to beat just one time, then you begin to understand the importance of taking Living Minerals.

    Your liver has 65,000 known enzymatic functions. If there was a way to get those enzymes to perform at a higher level, don’t you think things would work better in the body?
  8. Number eight, fulvic acid acts as an antioxidant. Free radicals are bombarding your cells millions of times daily. They not only damage individual cells, but shorten your lifespan as well. An antioxidant is any substance that has extra electrons that it can donate to these free radicals, thus turning them into stable oxygen molecules that can be used again. Each fulvic acid molecule has 14 tetra trillion electrons it can donate to free radicals. That is an unbelievable 14 followed by 27 zeros, which makes it the world’s most powerful free radical destroyer.
  9. Number 9, fulvic acid regulates your body's pH. It is increases pH where needed in the body, but reduces pH in other parts of the body, like your stomach which needs a very low pH, when digesting food. Taking fulvic acid just prior to or with a meal can therefore greatly aid digestion. On the other hand, your liver needs to maintain a fairly neutral pH, but whichever organ fulvic acid gets into, it optimizes the pH of that organ. This is important, because each of your organs have a different optimal pH, which fulvic acid helps to maintain.

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